Tim Schaap is a Dutch designer - a visual thinker who captures atmosphere through different types of media.

Tim’s creative career started young, he was dedicating serious time to endeavours in illustration, which led to his first solo exhibition at just 16 years old. 
Throughout high school Tim developed a specialization in fine-liner illustrations, which brought him insight into new methods of design, materials and techniques.

In 2016 Tim founded Defekt Company and designed his own streetwear, adding a new twist to his creative pursuits. 
Having worked as a model on sets for brands such as Hermès, Fendi and Zegna provided him with first hand experience when it comes to working within creative productions. 

In Tim’s practice he enjoys working with multiple media and designing different types of creations, such as spatial, visual, and objects. 
Using illustrations to tell stories in a playful way, he creates fantasy adventures of the daily slur of contemporary city life and the societies within them. 

By living and travling through city landscapes, by noticing what is around him, he uses photography to capture certain atmospheres which people would normally pass by.


Pavilion photo exhibition
Pinetum Blijdenstein, Hilversum, sep 9 - nov 30 - 2023

Nothing makes itself - group exhibition
De Besturing, Den Haag, jun 2 2022

Assignment Factory - Openday department video
KABK Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, 2021

Pen on Paper Solo exhibition at Platform
Hostel Room, Rotterdam, nov 20 - nov 22 - 2019

Vruchtbare Grond
Stedelijke Museum, Schiedam, sep 6 - sep 9 - 2018

Solo exhibition
MET, Schiedam, dec 20 - jan 20 - 2016/2017